Luce Northstar

illustrator and comic artist

comic artist and illustrator from Italy, specialized in fantasy, horror and erotic art




PUBLISHED WORKS / COMICSBerserkr for DZ Comics - art
Reckless&Proud , Distress Signal , Herbal Liqueur
for Filthy Figments & Strawberrry Comics - art&script
The Stare , A Small Challenge for OJST - art&script
Not’re Dame in Nether Realms for Discord Comics - colors
PUBLISHED WORKS / ILLUSTRATIONIl signore dei Gasepiu for Editrice Il Punto - cover art
Infetto for Catnip Edizioni - cover art
Testimone for Catnip Edizioni - cover art
Potenziato for Catnip Edizioni - cover art
Orme Fantastiche for Catnip Edizioni - cover art
Sei Pietre Bianche for DarkZone Edizioni - illustration
Tre Lacrime d’Oro for DarkZone Edizioni - illustration
L’Ombra di Cthulhu for DarkZone Edizioni - cover art

Luce Northstar


Available both for private commissions and commercial work.
For commission inquiries, DM me on twitter or email me at [email protected]


  • Payment is required in advance, made in USD or Euro, via Paypal. Half-half payment may be agreed upon for bigger commissions.

  • Character references are needed, but it’s enough for it to be an actor photo and pinterest moodboard, or picrew images. A little extra may apply in case of extensive design work required on my part.

  • I will provide updates during the whole process (sketch, inks, flats, shadows), no further changes can be requested after the flats are approved.

  • Turn around time is usually from one week to one month, depending on how complex the commission is and my existing queue.

  • You have the right to use your commission for any personal use and to post it anywhere online, as long as credits are given. You may NOT use the artwork for NFT in any occasion, nor commercial purposes unless otherwise agreed upon.

  • I retain all rights to my work, including the right to post it online for self promotion.

  • I have the right to decline a commission for whatever reason.

• OCs, fanarts, portraits
• animals, furry, aliens, fantastical creatures, mecha, armor
• gore, NSFW and kinks (to be discussed first)
• minors involved in sexual situations
• real people involved in sexual situations
• incest, noncon, bestiality
• art that promotes hate towards a person or group of people (racism, homophobia, transphobia, etc.) or that promotes hateful political views (fascism, nazism, etc.)

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